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Whitening Treatment

White Bio Active Treatment

- PREVENTS the appearance of darkspots blocking the melanogenesis process before it starts.
- REGULATES the appearance of darkspots reducing tyrosinase synthesis and counteracting its activity. Melanin production is reduced.
- CORRECTS the intensity of darkspots renewing the surface of the skin, reducing the tone of darkspots/ whitening/ prevent and correct malanin synthesis

Oily skin / Skin with pigmentation / uneven skin tone


Wild Bellis Perennis: inhibits melanogenesis by influencing ET-1 endothelins and alpha-MSH neuropeptides.
Liquorice Derivative: limits the release of pro-inflammatory mediators after sun exposure.
VC-IP Derivative of Vitamin C: counters the activity of tyrosinase.
Opuntia Flower Extract: retextures skin surface and restores its natural renewal capacity for luminosity.
Liquorice Root Extract: rich in glabridin, reduces melanin production in the skin through its potent antioxidant properties.