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Anti Aging Treatment

ROS's Intradermik Well Skin

- Instantly tighten skin and remodel collagen for anti-wrinkle effect.
- Improve skin tautness and raise sagging areas.
- Deliver RF energy deep into the dermis layer without causing discomfort or risk.
- Skin's natural collagen production is reactivated, leading to a gradual improvement in results.
- Collagen renewal is stimulated without overheating the epidermis, which eliminates any potential side effects and the need for cooling.

Saggy, dry, mature skin


- Offers deep dermal RF penetration, delivering effective and comfortable results without the need for cooling.
- Controlled and focused RF energy is delivered deep into the skin to reactivate natural collagen production without any pain or risks.
- By directing RF energy to the dermis, 3Deep promotes collagen renewal without causing overheating in the epidermis.